The Office of Emergency Medical Services, North Carolina College of Emergency Physicians, and North Carolina Association of EMS Curriculum Educators will conduct the 29th Annual Paramedic Competition. Registration materials are enclosed. The registration fee will be $90 per team, $70 for a second team, with no more than two teams from each North Carolina paramedic agency. Entry fees are non-refundable unless your agency's team is not included in the schedule.

All entrants must be agency-supported (same agency) and uniforms must be worn during competition. Teams will be required to bring their own equipment for use at the preliminary competition. Additional information will be sent to providers who register to compete. Large equipment (i.e. backboards, splints, etc.) will be provided by the competition sites.

A maximum of 50 teams will be registered for the competition. When entering two teams please follow these steps for receipt and entry:
  • prioritize the teams as first entry and second entry
  • list the teams as such on separate entry forms
  • upon receipt, the first team priority will be entered (if in first 50)
  • the second team entry will be listed by the date received
  • on the date of the entry deadline, the second entry teams received, in order of receipt, will fill the open spots to complete the 50 team preliminaries
  • if there are more than 50 teams, refunds will be made for those teams not included
The prioritization of teams for entry is an effort to maximize representation in the competition. If your agency plans to participate, early registration is recommended to ensure a position in the preliminary competition. Entry deadline is Friday June 14, 2019 at 5:00 PM. First entry teams will be entered in order of date application received. Second entry teams will be recorded in 9rder of date application received. Should there not be 50 first entry teams received by entry deadline, secondary teams in order received will fill the open spots up to the total 50 teams. Agencies may enter the number of teams to hold space and supply the names at a later date. Team members must be named by June 21, 2019. If necessary, team member substitutions can be made until the day of the preliminary competition. There will be no team member substitutions allowed for teams attending the final competition.

The preliminary competition will be conducted on Friday, July 12, 2019 at five sites across the state. Teams will be notified of their competition site and time after the entry deadline. The top team from each site will qualify to compete in the final competition at EMS EXPO in Greensboro on Sunday, September 29, 2019.

If you have questions about registration or other competition issues, please contact me, Doug Calhoun, Anthony Davis, or San Juan Timmons at 919.855.3935.

Guidelines and Registration Documents: